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BNamericas “Companies see inevitable ESG adaptation as opportunity generator”

Date: 4 August, 2022

Interesting article by Bnamericas highlights observations by Elanne Almeida, Corporate Governance and Sustainability partner at EY Chile; Alfredo Enrione, director of the Center for Corporate Governance and Society ESE Business School at the Universidad de Los Andes; and the director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability in LATAM, Juan José Tohá, based on their participation in a digital seminar held by the Chile Pacific Foundation yesterday, on ESG standards.

The article highlights that companies see ESG standards as an opportunity, even considering their challenges, which were addressed by Almeida, Enrione and Tohá in this article. Among them were mentioned the different indicators that exist to measure sustainability, the understanding by customers of what emissions mean, the offsets and the process, public disclosure, etc.

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