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BNamericas “Amid heightened uncertainty in Chile, Albemarle upbeat on outlook”

Date: 17 March, 2022

An interesting BNamericas article highlighting statements made by Ignacio Mehech, vice president of External Affairs and Country Manager of Albemarle Chile, and Susan Segal, president and CEO of the Council of the Americas and the Americas Society, during a recent Chile Pacific Foundation webinar on the potential of US investments in Chile and Latin America.

BNamericas points out the Albemarle representative said that he was optimistic about the coming years in Chile, despite uncertainty. Against the backdrop of the political landscape in Chile, BNamericas underscores Mehech said  there are signs already by the government giving calm. BNamericas notes that Susan Segal also expressed optimism and notes the leader of the Council of the Americas described the generational change of political leaders in Chile as a strength rather than a weakness.

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