ABAC is composed by three corporate leaders from every APEC economy plus a number of alternate members. It is a business council of the highest level, reporting directly to APEC Government Leaders. Once a year, during the corresponding Leaders’ Summit, ABAC members meet for a working session called ABAC Dialogue with leaders,which is unique in its genre.

The Chile Pacific Foundation was promptly considered to represent the National Secretariat of the Chilean APEC Chapter. Thistask implementation has been characterized by a smooth dialogue between APEC and ABAC-Chile official bodies.

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Regular Members

Richard von Appen
President of Ultramar Agencia Marítima Ltda.

Rosario Navarro
Counselor Society of Industrial Development

Alfonso Swett Opazo
President Confederation of Production and Commerce

Alternate Members

Bernardo Larraín
Presidente Society of Industrial Development

Alejandra Mustakis
President Association of entrepreneurs of Chile

Eduardo Chadwick Claro
President of Viña Errázuriz

APEC / ABAC Chile 2019 Meetings Calendar
December 11, 2018
21:00 hrs. – La Moneda

Official launch APEC Chile 2019

December 12, 2018

Informal SOM: Meeting of High Representatives of APEC (SOMs) that officially starts the APEC Chile 2019.

March 1 to 4, 2019

ABAC I (Atlanta)

March 7, 2019

SOM 1 and related meetings

7 y 8 de Marzo, 2019

Reunión Deputies de Bancos Centrales y

24 al 27 de Abril, 2019

ABAC II (Yakarta)

Mayo 15, 2019

SOM 2 y reuniones relaciones

17 y 18 de Mayo, 2019

Reunión de Ministros de Comercio (MRT)

22 al 25 de Julio, 2019

ABAC III (Hangzhou)

Agosto 29, 2019
Puerto Varas

SOM 3 y reuniones relacionadas

26 al 30 de Agosto, 2019
Puerto Varas

Food Security Week

2 al 6 de Septiembre, 2019

Ministerial de Economía y Pymes

3 y 4 de Octubre, 2019
La Serena

Ministerial de la Mujer

13 al 15 de Octubre, 2019

Ministerial de Finanzas

11 al 17 de Noviembre, 2019

ABAC IV y Semana de Líderes

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