Board of Directors



Manuel Agosin Trumper

Economist University of Chile, MA and PhD Columbia University.  Former Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business at University of Chile.

Fernando Alliende Correa

Industrial Civil Engineer, P. Catholic University of Chile and PhD Natural Sciences Technical University of Munich, Gernmany.  Corporate Conselor of Grupo Molymet.

Rodrigo Álvarez Zenteno

Lawyer P. Catholic University of Chile, PhD University of Navarra and Master in Law Harvard University.  President of the Chilean Food and Beverage Trade Association. Director of Principal Financial Group and Banco Ripley.  Former Minister of Energy and Undersecretary of Finance, deputy from 1998 to 2010 and President of the Chamber of Deputies.

Roberto Angelini Rossi
Industrial Civil Engineer P. Catholic University of Chile. President of AntarChile.
Claudio Elgueta Vera

Alternate Board Member.  Electrician Civil engineer University of Chile.  Director of Eperva S.A. fishing company, Corpesca, Inversiones Siemel S.A. and of Sercor S.A. corporate services.

Iván Arriagada

Commercial engineer, Universidad Federico Santa María and Master of Science from the London School of Economics. Executive president of Antofagasta PLC.

Juan Benavides Feliú

Commercial Engineer P. Catholic University of Chile.  Chairman of Codelco’s Board of Directors.

Carlos Alvarado Hernández
Alternate Board Member.  Industrial Civil Engineer, P. Universidad Católica de Valparaíso and MBA, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Santiago.  Commercial Manager Refined Cooper.
Former Manager of Logistics and Commercial Servicies in Codelco and Managing Director Codelco Asia, Shanghai, China.
Ronald Bown Fernández

Commercial engineer of the Adolfo Ibañez Business School, President of the Association of Exporters ASOEX A.G.

Ignacio Cueto Plaza

Commercial Engineer Gabriela Mistral University and Businessman.  Chairman of Latam Arilines Group S.A. Board of Directors.

Sergio C. Saldías Barrera

Alternate Board Member. Commercial Engineer, Universidad de Chile, Master of Applied Economics, Georgetown University, and Master in Public Policy, Universidad Alberto Hurtado.  Public Affairs Manager LATAM Airlines.  Former Economist at Study Department Banco Central de Chile.

Montserrat Galimany

Degree in statistics and bachelor degree in Human resources at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Since 1980 he works at Mitsubishi Chile Ltda., where he has held various positions, currently managing director of machinery and infrastructure.

Luis Felipe Gazitúa Achondo (Second Vice president)

President of Empresas CMPC S.A. and its subsidiaries. President of Almendral S.A. and Vice president of Entel S.A. Director of Minera Valparaiso S.A.

Guillermo José Turner Olea

Alternate Board Member. Gabriela Mistral University journalist. Corporate affairs manager at Empresas CMPC. Former director of the newspaper La Tercera, former Editorial director of Pulse. Former director of financial journal and Capital magazine.

Roberto Guerrero Valenzuela

Lawyer P. Catholic University of Chile, MCJ School of Law New York University, partner at Guerrero Olivos Novoa y Errázuriz Law firm, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Law at P. Catholic University of Chile, former Dean of the Faculty of Law at P. Catholic University of Chile.

Rodolfo Krause

Chemical Civil Engineer, Universidad de Concepción. He holds a Diploma on Business
Administration from P. Universidad Católica de Chile. Chairman of the Board of Directors of CAP
S.A., former Vicepresident of Methabex Corp., former member of the Board of Directors of de Air
Liquide Chile, Cementos Polpaico and Enap.

Ricardo Lessmann Cifuentes

Commercial Engineer P. Catholic University of Chile. President and CEO of Automotores Gildemeister S.A., president of the Chilean-Korean Chamber of Commerce A. G, Director of the National Association of Motor Vehicles, ANAC.

Andrónico Luksic Craig

Entrepreneur. Vice president of Banco de Chile, president of LQ Inversiones Financiales S.A., president of Quiñenco S.A., president of CCU S.A., advisor of SOFOFA and Vice president of Compañía Sudamericana de vapors (CSAV).

Peter Morse

Alternate Board Member:  Master in International Business University of Colorado.  Chief of Staff to the Vice president of Banco de Chile,  member of the Columbia University Global Leadership Council, the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies Consultative Committee and the Executive Committee of the Luksic Center for China-Latin America Management Studies at Tsinghua University.

Vice Admiral Ignacio Mardones Costa

Specialist in General Staff and Navigation. Graduated from United States Naval War College of Newport and Master in Naval and Maritime Sciences with a major in strategy. General Director of the Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine.

Rear Admiral Fernando Cabrera Salazar

Alternate Board Member. Weapons Engineer with mention in Artillery and Missiles. He holds the Master’s degree in Naval and Maritime Sciences, a diploma in Management and graduated from the War College of France. Secretary General of the Navy.

Enrique Marshall Rivera

Commercial Engineer University of Chile.  Board Member of the Santiago Stock Exchange.  Former President of Banco del Estado and former Superintendent of Banks and Financial Institutions.

Jorge O’Ryan

Lawyer P. Catholic University of Chile, MA in European Law Institute for Europe of the University of Saarland in Germany and diplomatic degree from Andrés Bello Diplomatic Academy .  Director of ProChile.  Former president of the sports Club of the P. Catholic Unviersity and former ambassador to Germany from 2010 to 2014.

Eduardo Rodríguez Guarachi

Lawyer P. Catholic University of Chile. Partner at law firm Rodríguez y Cía. Abogados, member of the Higher Council and Director of the Asia Pacific Center at Diego Portales University.

Claudio Rojas Rachel

A graduate of the Academia Diplomática Andrés Bello, he also holds an MBA degree in Management of International Business from Universidad Gabriela Mistral, a degree in International Cooperation and Security from Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies, USA,
and a degree in Chinese Contemporary Politics and Economy, from New York State University, USA, and the Ludwig Boltzman Institue, Austria. Director of the Asia Pacific Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Alberto Salas Muñoz (President)
Mining Engineer University of Chile.  President of the Board of Directors of Technical University INACAP and Director of companies.
Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel Dunker

Economist P. Catholic Unviersity of Chile.  Professor of Economics at this University, international consultant and advisor, President of the Fiscal Council of the Ministry of Finance, General Director of Grupo Res Pública Chile, Director of AFP Habitat and member of the advisory board of Chile Transparente.

Francisco Silva Silva

Civil Engineer P. Catholic University of Chile and MS Stanford University.  Chairman of the Board of Grupo Security S.A., President of the Bilateral Chile-China Business Council.

Ambassador Alberto van Klaveren Stork

Lawyer University of Chile.  Former Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Associate Professor of the Institute of International Studies at University of Chile.

Wolf von Appen

Businessman, Chairman Grupo Ultramar, chairman of the Advisory Board of the business School of the U. De Los Andes, director of the Center for International Studies of the Catholic University of Chile, member of the Advisory Board of the Universidad Austral de Buenos Aires , member of the Honorary Council of the Center for Public Studies.

Diego Yarur Arrasate

Commercial engineer P. Universidad Catolica de Chile, MBA Columbia Business School Manager of corporate and international development at Banco BCI.

Eduardo Paulsen Illanes

Alternate Board Member. Engineer, Bachelor in digital systems and MS in computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, new Jersey. Postgraduate courses at MIT and Columbia University Special projects manager at BCI Bank, institution in which he has held various positions since 1986.

Rodrigo Yáñez

Lawyer, P. Catholic Unversity of Chile and MA in Regulation London School of Economics and Political Science.  Director General of International Economics Relations of the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Former Director of Financial Services at Deloitte Chile.

Honorary Advisors

Ambassador Octavio Errázuriz Guilisasti

Lawyer University of Chile.  Ambassador to the Holy See.  Former Ambassador to the United Nations, Ecuador, USA and China.

Manfred Wilhelmy von Wolff

Lawyer P. Catholic University of Valparaiso and PhD in Political Sciences Princeton University.  Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Studies and Extension of the P. Catholic University of Valparaiso. He was Executive Director of Fundación Chilena del Pacífico since it was founded in 1994 until February 2016.

Roberto de Andraca Barbas

Commercial engineer University of Chile.  He currently serves as Senior advisor to the Board of Directors of CAP S.A..  Former President of the Board od Directors of CAP S.A. from 1990 to 2017.  Vice president of Fundación Chilena del Pacífico since its foundation in 1994 until October 2017.