Cultural and Economic Research and Projects

  • Asia – Pacific Economic Profiles
    Every year, the Foundation submits an economic projection on the Pacific Basin. This has become a milestone for businessmen, economists, governmental authorities and academics.
  • Seminars, Conferences and Extended Activities
    The Foundation contributes towards fomenting the interest and knowledge of the Pacific Basin countries with publications, conferences, seminars, round table meetings and other activities at which people from various areas are present, bringing closer their perspectives on a wide range of subjects.
  • Asia – Pacific Bulletin
    In order to support the publicizing of its activities, the Foundation publishes a quarterly bulletin.
  • Annual Breakfast
    This important event has become an institutional tradition. This takes place generally in the first quarter and constitutes an appropriate occasion to make known the work agenda of the Foundation, after which a specially invited high level speaker refers to an important subject on the economic and political agenda of the Asia-Pacific Region and to the Chilean links with it. In the year 2013, the speaker was the distinguished Australian economist, Christopher Findlay, Vice-president of the Cooperation Committee on the Pacific side of his country.
  • Support on Studies and Activities
    The Foundation has developed, supported or coordinated studies, both on its own initiative and at the request of the Foreign Affairs Ministry or other entities, on various subjects related to Asia Pacific. Some subjects covered in recent years have referred to the conditions for developing business in Chile (Chile – Japan Joint Studies), the perspectives of development or relations with Asia through FEALAC and the possible homogenization of tax laws applicable to acquisitions and reorganization of companies between the Pacific Alliance countries (Pacific Alliance Business Council).